Eastbound & Down Oktobeerbus

Eastbound & Down Oktobeerbus Tour

September 28, 2019 - Silver Grizzly, Red River, Great Raft, Brewniverse/Rotolo's, Flying Heart, Oil Horse

**The tour is not all inclusive. Please read below for what is included**

9: 15 Morning Coffee at Silver Grizzly Espresso (100 W Tyler Street)

    • Included in the price of your ticket

Silver Grizzly Espresso

Who needs the mega-corporate mechanizations of StarBigBucks when you can get far more superior product, but much cheaper in price, at Silver Grizzly Espresso here in beeeeeeeee-you-tee-full downtown Longview! Silver Grizzly Espresso is locally owned; it’s unassuming with no la-dee-da pretensions whatsoever; and it’s just a downright cool place to gather with friends and enjoy a wide-ranging variety of beverages and the inspiring spirit of community. Coffees of every variety under the sun, yummy-dang-doodle-delicious pastries that’ll smack your kisser giddy, and an amazingly courteous and down-to-earth staff all do the heart and mind good! Oh, and a stellar selection of beers on tap is available for consumption on premises or to-go in growlers of 32 and 64 ounces. In fact, I often visit Silver Grizzly Espresso to purchase just such a growler of sudsy merriment, because I enjoy supporting local businesses while refusing to be a slave to corporate banality. I invite you to do the same!

10:00 Leave Longview

11:00 Arrive Red River Brewing Company

    • Red River Brewing Company will graciously be providing all Aleways passengers a pint and an Oktoberfest celebration.

Red River Brewing Company

Red River Brewing Company has a spacious taproom, affable and attentive beertenders, and a mesmerizingly diverse selection of cocktails and brewed goods. Because it was lunchtime, we decided to partake in some of the succulent semi-upscale grub being offered by the Fat Calf Boucherie. I feasted like a royal ragamuffin on the Steak & Confit Potatoes plate (sous-vide hangar steak, chimichurri, confit potatoes, and guajillo butter), and I will loudly declare to all within shouting distance, it was inarguably the tastiest damn steak to ever grace my gustatory senses! And what of the beers, you might be wondering? Well, one word immediately comes to mind: impressive! I enthusiastically immersed myself in a pint each of the pumpkin-sweet, autumn-spiced Horseless Headsman Pumpkin Stout; the smooth, creamy, and dusky Fear The Dark Schwarzbier; the hoppy, mocha-infused Red-I Red IPA; and the refreshing hops-subtle Freshly Fresh IPL. I felt like I done died and went to barley heaven, but the day was just beginning beer-wise!


One menu item is included in the price of your ticket (menu will be announced soon)

1:00 Leave Red River Brewing Company

1:10 Arrive Great Raft Brewing

    • Great Raft Brewing will graciously be providing all Aleways passengers a tour and a pint.

Great Raft Brewing

Great Raft Brewing has a jaw-dropping plethora of foamy fermented uniqueness which caused us to humbly bow our heads and extend our sincerest gratitude to the barley nectar gods for such diverse brewed blessings. Great Raft is renowned for experimentation, variety, and flavorful perfection, and The Rooster enthusiastically embraces such admirable qualities when it comes to the fine art of glug-glug. On this particular day, I tangoed smitten with the mega-hazy tropical fruitiness of Hobbies Include Sabro Smash IPA and the stellar sweet twang of Life Itself Pineapple Orange Gose. As the setting sun glowed extravagantly on the horizon and the fuzzy feel-good exuberance of intoxication warmed my soul, we decided the time had come to bid the always inviting Great Raft brewery a fond farewell but not before grabbing a few cans and crowlers to-go for enjoyment at a later date. Great Raft Brewing… my ideal of sudsy paradise without a doubt!

2:40 Leave Great Raft Brewing

2:50 Brewniverse / Rotolo's Craft & Crust

    • Brewniverse will graciously be providing all Aleways passengers a 15% discount on their purchase.
    • For those not interested in a quick brew shopping trip, Rotolo's Craft & Crust has a great beer selection. In fact, they are celebrating Louisiana Craft Beer week and offering passengers $1 off on all Louisiana brews!!


Every conceivable style of beer from every conceivable corner of the world! The finest in craft and import brews brought to you by the dedicated beer enthusiasts at Brewniverse! Happy shopping and happier imbibing!

Rotolo's Craft & Crust

Whether your gluttony of choice is gourmet pizza or breathtaking beer, Rotolo’s Craft & Crust has got ya covered! The fine art of smack and swig has never felt so good!

3:35 Leave Brewniverse / Rotolo's

3:50 Arrive Flying Heart Brewing & Pub

  • Flying Heart will graciously be providing all Aleways passengers a pint and a 10% discount on food.

Flying Heart Brewing & Pub

Located in an old fire station, Flying Heart has a cozy and quaint neighborhood vibe to it with intriguing firehouse fixtures, a large wraparound bar serving a smackilicious smorgasbord of wine, cocktails, and of course craft beers galore (Flying Heart brews and a few choice guest taps, too), and an onsite kitchen churning out salads, wings, specialty pizzas, and the biggest dang soft pretzel known to mankind! While eagerly enjoying the aforementioned Oktoberfest-inspired culinary monstrosity, I heartily imbibed a towering glass each of the soothingly crisp Goin’ South Light Ale and the palate-tickling clove ripeness of With A Hefe Heart Hefeweizen. Flying Heart Brewing is the type of place I could easily spend an entire Saturday or Sunday afternoon absorbing the sounds (heavy on classic rock) and suds (heavy on savory craftsmanship) without a care in the world! As a matter of fact, I don’t mind if I do!

5:20 Leave Flying Heart Brewing & Pub

6:30 Oil Horse Brewing Company

  • Oil Horse will be graciously providing everyone with a complimentary pint.

Oil Horse Brewing Company

Oil Horse Brewing Company in vibrantly revitalized downtown Longview is the perfect gathering place for music, games, camaraderie, and of course beer-inspired merriment. The environs are charmingly downhome and rustic with knowing nods to the oil and logging industries of thriving days past, and the scuffed worn hardwood floor dates back to the building’s original occupant in the late 1800s / early 1900s, the burgeoning community’s first hardware store. The Oil Horse staff can always be counted on to be hospitable, attentive, and just downright Southernfied friendly. On a recent visit, laughter and lively conversation filled the air as we plunged into one pint after another of such delectable palate-tickling Oil Horse brews as 1877 Irish Red Ale, Landman Brown IPA, Ossamus Saison, Big Inch Milk Stout, and, my personal favorite, The Doghouse Belgian Dark Strong Ale. One of the brewery owners sat at our table, and we talked excitedly about some upcoming Oil Horse releases and also discussed the history of various downtown buildings and the businesses that were long ago located within those landmarks of days gone by: The Record Shop, Right On Fashions, Longview Hardware, Brown’s Shoes, Martin’s, and Riff’s. Ah, the memories... when life was simpler, and the moon was made of cheese. It’s truly encouraging to witness the abundance of energy and vitality that has returned to the charming old buildings along Tyler Street. Drink local, dine local, and enjoy local indeed!